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こんにちにゃ everynyang and welcome to our Mastodon~🐱

Anyone who uses 'sort by artist' for their music library is a cop

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よかったら、明日午前からは私と@20XX さん一緒に実況プレイをしたします。今週のゲームは「女神異聞録ペルソナ」です。

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In just a few minutes @20XX and I will play through the first hour of Metal Gear Solid while recording Ani-Gamers Podcast #100 live on stream!

Watch here:

My composite to HDMI converter I used to stream Pokémon on スーファミ also has S-Video, and my powerbook also has S-Video...

RIP to all the JP accounts that died six months ago after posting like three times. I will always appreciate what you did for my ratio.

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How to get tge green checkmark on this website

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Congrats @20XX, your Twitter avatar made it into my #ludumdare temp assets (I quickly grabbed screencaps from my desktop).

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